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On the leash is an animal care company, which is dedicated to the welfare of animals. At On The Leash we pride ourselves on trying to change to animal care and the way in which the society views this. We view animals as the family members who cannot express their feelings verbally, and so we have taken it upon ourselves to try and translate.

With this in mind we have created tailored made products that (which are company sensitive) work for your animal alone, these products are what we call “living documents”, which means they, like your pet, are subject to change and will grow with your pet. In the true spirit of our ethos, we will only walk two dogs at a time. In houses which have 3 dogs we understand that you cannot break up the pack, so in these exceptional circumstances our maximum is 3 dogs we will walk together (please see terms). For our clients with only one dog, we will introduce a dog that we feel is of a similar age, height, personality, and if a successful bond is formed, we will always try and walk these dogs together. We believe that permanently walking strange dogs together and the lack of continuity, is detrimental to their wellbeing. We will always treat your pet(s) with the same love, care and respect that you would, and no matter what circumstances may arise, and no matter what length of time it has been, we are there for you and your pet.

At On The Leash excellence, trust and your pet's happiness are our priority.

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