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Welcome to our big animal family!

Our little friends
One must know where one is... Welcome into our summer residence! Are we playing or what?
Relaxing dog-spa Happy in the greenery Forest walk
Catching up with our mates.
I am a christmas dog, check out my fashion!
Butter would not melt.
Sleepy... Ah! Woke up! No...still sleepy...
Black beauty Catching sun tan. Pedicure time!
If I am not cute, then I don't know who is! Wuf, and writing my own name is the least I can do. I licked them but they aren't moving!
Seaside stroll is good for dogs soul. The difference between couch potato and dog potato is, I am a dog, you are potato. What? Where is the crisp?
I have wet paws and I love it. You think only Devil wears Prada? Stay still, I am thinking..
Me first! Today is sloooooow... What you looking at?
Peace in the park Look into my eyeeeees, give me the sausage.. Gotcha!


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