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Welcome to our big animal family!

Having known Di for over 6 years, it is with great enthusiasm that I would recommend her to be responsible for anyone’s dog or cats, when we got our dog Libby (a rescue) she wasn’t the easiest to deal with, a definite case of ‘Little dog syndrome’ she barked, was aggressive and generally not very nice, but Di was on hand with wise words of perseverance, encouragement and congratulations when she improved, I now have no worries when I am out for a day, Libby gets her walk in safe hands and if I am away on a business trip I know Libby is having fun and being well cared for, probably enjoying better treatment than I am.....

Thank you Di for looking after Pepe and Connie I know they are not the most friendly of cats Pepe doesn’t want to take his Thyroid tablets and Connie just doesn’t want to eat, but I know when they are in your care they are always in good hands and don’t even want to know us when we come home.

Thanks again Jay & Nigel

Reference for da On The Leash Lady by Miss Maisie Cairn.

When mez mummy got da On The Leash lady to come and takes mez for the walk when mummy is at the work place . Ize is so happy now mez tail dose wag all of da time. Wez have lots of fun, she is da best.

My name is Matsuka. I am a ginger cat with a very laid back nature and my mummy works a lot. I did worry sometimes when it was dark and she was not at home yet. Not any more...
The nice lady from OTL says I am a very good boy for lining up all the caught mice on the door mat. She comes to play with me and gives me my favourite crisps. It is easier now to wait for mummy to come home since she told her to come to see me time to time. Thank you for brushing my furrrrrrr......

We have given our two dogs to be looked after every Wednesday as it is our longest working day. Jessie and Ronny are very lively animals and we are thankful to have them in such good hands. They like their usual routine, favourite places and following their routes through the park. The dogs are now much happier now when we come home, remain calmer at night and look forward to Becky to pick them up.

Thabk you for looking after our little animal family. Jackie S.

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