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All appointments must be booked in advance and can only be booked, once an initial assessment has taken place and forms filled, agreed and signed. In case of an emergency appointment we require all forms before the appointment completion.

This includes:

Contract with us (obtained from us)
Disclaimers (obtained from us)
Veterinary release forms (obtained from your veterinary)
Animal care plan (obtained from us)
Domestic animal health record (DAHR-our internal form obtained from us)

Permanent bookings are available, but only bookable on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. All payments must be made in advance. We accept direct debit, bank transfer, pay pal, cheque, and cash payments. These can be paid on the day of appointment to the director of OTL only. If payment is not received, or is late, 2.5% of the total bill will be added every day the overdue payment. All clients will receive an invoice of services received and a payment completed.

Price list:
All walks are one hour from collection to drop off. Dog towels, treats, leads, food, medication, and all other essential items must be provided. All collars must be fitted correctly, we assist you in this area if needed. We do hold keys and provide our clients with the option of a key box; please refer to our terms and conditions.

Households with more than 2 dogs, will be charged an additional £3 per dog per hour. No more than 3 dogs will be walked at any one time. This is due to the health and safety of the dogs and the walker. Households with more than 3 dogs will be walked in sets of 2. In this scenario you will be charged the additional £3 per dog and the rate of the walk, per each walk.

(For example 4 dogs being walked in sets of 2, 2 times £3 additional fee, 2 times early morning walks at a rate of £12.50 equals £31)


Early Morning walk:- (6am-7am)
1 dog £10 per hour
2 dogs from the same house hold £12.50 per hour Water replenished. Petrol charges apply.

Dog walks:- (First walk 8am- 4pm last walk)
1 dog £8 per hour
2 dogs from the same household £11 per hour. Water replenished. Petrol charges apply.

One2one dog walks:
£12.50 per hour (one dog at a time)
This service is perfect for dogs of a nervous nature in need of an extra reassurance, and dogs in season. Water replenished. Petrol charges apply.

Let outs:
£5 per house, 15 minutes allocated for this service
Water replenished. Petrol charges apply.

Fuss And Play:
£7 for 30mins, £14 for an hour
Designed to break the day up for your pet, to help reduce separation Anxiety, and to help promote a calmer atmosphere and reassurance for your animal. This is an ideal service for animals being left for prolonged periods of time. Petrol charges apply.

Dog feeding:
£1.50 per household
Clear Instructions must be given in care plan, any feeding changes must be written in a clear precise manor. Water replenished. Petrol charges apply.

Cats and kittens:
£6.50 once a day
Litter trays cleaned out, feeding (Clear Instructions must be given in care plan, any feeding changes must be written in a clear precise manor.) Play time and brushing if required. Water replenished. Petrol charges apply.

Pet sitting:
(8pm-12am) £10 per hour per household.
Only available Friday and Saturday evenings. Feeding if required Clear Instructions must be given in care plan, any feeding changes must be written in a clear precise manor. After 12am £20 per hour every hour past 12am will leave at 12am, unless owner requests sitter stays till their return. Will not stay past 2am. Water replenished. Petrol charges apply. Subject to availability

Pet sitting plus stay over:-(8pm-7am) Only available Friday and Saturday evenings
includes an early morning walk. £65
Accommodation room icluding wash facilities must be provided.. Clear Instructions for feeding must be given in the care plan. Leaving time is open to negotiation at an additional charge,provided the time requeired is not in a conflict with our booking schedule. Water replenished, petrol charges apply. Subject to availability.

Clean ups:
No charge, cleaning products must be supplied.
I.E outside littler trays, animal sickness, accidents on carpets.

Pet Taxi:
£5 per hour
By appointment only. A minimum 24hrs noticed in advance is required. Royston and surrounding areas. petrol charges apply

Veterinary appointments:
£7.50 per hour
We will wait with your pet (We do not pay for veterinary bills.) As per care plan if you would like (free) reminders for jabs/flee/worm treatments we will provide this. All appointments we will hand over to the veterinary surgeon our DAHR. Petrol charges apply.

Emergency vet visits:
£7.50 per hour
This is anything that is not a pre booked appointment, and that constitutes an emergency. I.E life and death situation, only during our working hours (8am-4pm) we will take your pet to the vets, if you are unable take them, and admit your animal. We will take the DAHR and give you a report once they are admitted. We will ask the veterinary surgeon to phone with and update as well. Petrol charges apply.

Hospital visits (for our clients):
£25.00 per service
If you are going to hospital, and need a flexible package of care for your pet in your absence, then this package will give you piece of mind while you’re in hospital. Dogs only- 1x hour walk 2x let outs feeding in accordance of instructions £25. Cats we will discuss your needs. Petrol charges apply

Emergency call out service
£10 for 30 minutes
In the unfortunate circumstance that you are in an emergency, and you will be unable to tend to your pet, our emergency call out service is available between the hours of 6am-8pm. We define an emergency as a non-agreed instantly needed appointment. 1x let out and a feeding. Petrol charges apply.

Petrol is 25p per mile inside of Royston. Outside of Royston 40p permile.


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